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Rely on the most dependable resource in town for quality catalytic converters. Clean air and emissions control is not only good for the environment, but it's also good for your car! Choosing a catalytic converter is a cinch with our coverage of all makes and models.  


Find the right converter for your vehicle. We provide two-way or three-way catalytic converters.


Drive diesel? We have got you covered with our premier diesel car, truck, and motorcycle service.    


Hear your engine the way it was meant to sound. Pick a Magnaflow or Flowmaster exhaust system and get going! Ask our trained and experienced professionals to tell you about the differences and benefits of each system.

Ask the experts

Don't look any further for your muffler and auto emissions needs. Our knowledgeable emissions pros are here to help, so take advantage our 25 years of experience. Get your vehicle purring like new and back on the road in no time!  


Maximize every part of your vehicle's emissions system, right down to the tailpipe. Bring in your car, truck, or motorcycle for a complete emissions overhaul.


Be confident that you are getting the highest quality service available. From exhaust repairs and customization to precision pipe bending, we have the skills to optimize your vehicle's potential and make all of your general emissions repairs.


Know exactly what you are paying for and why. Keep your budget in check the easy way with accurate and reasonable price estimates on a wide range of services.

Experience the difference of a family owned and operated shop.

Boost performance with our catalytic converters

Trust the muffler and emissions specialists

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